Caroline Dubois Shares Inspiration from Black Sportswomen for Black History Month


Caroline Dubois Shares Inspiration from Black Sportswomen for Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, British boxer Caroline Dubois opened up to Sky Sports News about the influential Black sportswomen who have inspired her throughout her career. At just 22 years old, Dubois has already achieved notable success, including becoming the Youth Olympic champion and securing four European Youth Championships. Here are the four Black sportswomen who have had a significant impact on her:

1. Claressa Shields: Dubois expressed admiration for Shields, the 28-year-old boxer who holds all four major world titles in two weight classes simultaneously. Shields’ groundbreaking achievements, including consecutive Olympic gold medals, made her a crucial role model for Dubois during her formative years in boxing.

“I didn’t have many female boxers that I looked up to growing up. Luckily, I remember watching [Shields] at the Olympics. She was so big, strong, and good. I saw her shows, and she never lost. I really needed to have someone like Shields when I was a kid,” Dubois said.

2. Coco Gauff: Dubois also spoke highly of 19-year-old tennis sensation Coco Gauff, particularly acknowledging her victory at the US Open in September. Gauff’s achievements in challenging the status quo and defeating established players like the Williams sisters left a lasting impression on Dubois.

“What [Gauff’s] doing is amazing. I can’t imagine how tough it was – not just the actual playing, but the pressure to perform on such a massive stage. What she’s doing is amazing,” Dubois commented.

3. Simone Biles: The gymnastics prowess of Simone Biles, widely regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, has inspired Dubois. Biles’ remarkable skills and unapologetic approach have made her a trailblazer in the world of gymnastics.

4. Laila Ali: The daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali has left a significant impact on Dubois. Laila Ali, a retired professional boxer herself, has shown strength and resilience in carving out her own legacy in the sport.

Caroline Dubois emphasized the importance of having diverse role models in sports, highlighting how seeing athletes like Shields and Gauff helped her feel represented and motivated to pursue her own dreams in boxing.

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