Oscar Pistorius Faces New Parole Hearing Following Previous Error


Oscar Pistorius Faces New Parole Hearing Following Previous Error

Oscar Pistorius, the renowned double-amputee athlete, will undergo a second parole hearing on Friday after a prior mistake incorrectly deemed him ineligible for early release in March.

The South African department of corrections announced that a parole board would reassess Pistorius’s case this week, evaluating his suitability for social integration. Pistorius has been in prison since late 2014 for the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Initially convicted of culpable homicide, equivalent to manslaughter, Pistorius shot Steenkamp through a closed toilet cubicle door on Valentine’s Day 2013. Subsequent legal proceedings upgraded the conviction to murder, resulting in a 13-year and five-month prison sentence.

South African law mandates serious offenders to serve at least half of their sentence before parole eligibility. Pistorius’s case faced complexities due to prosecutors’ appeals challenging his convictions and sentences.

The Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in 2017 that Pistorius should serve the minimum 15-year sentence for murder, considering the time served for culpable homicide. An error arose when failing to account for an additional period served during the murder sentence appeal.

Acknowledging the mistake, a new parole hearing has been granted, allowing Pistorius another chance for early release. His parole eligibility depends on various factors, including conduct in prison, mental health, and the likelihood of reoffending.

Pistorius, once a celebrated athlete, achieved global recognition for his achievements as a double-amputee participating in the 2012 London Olympics. Born with a congenital condition resulting in leg amputations, he secured multiple Paralympic titles and remains the only double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

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